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Phyxis' Journal
20 most recent entries

Date:2011-03-04 23:43
Subject:Last of the squares!
Mood: satisfied

Well, tonight was the last of the squares for me... (1^2)*(2^2)*(3^2).

HuskyFox, Sasya Fox, and Orzel treated me to Thai chez-Amarin. Delicious as always! I had the "Tiger Cry" -- a new one for me. Most definitely capable of makin' tigers weepy had I dialed the spiciness any further up. *wag!*

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Date:2011-01-14 14:21
Subject:@FC2011 Fri - Mon
Mood: happy

Boarding experiment was a success, headed to FC 2011 later today and staying through Monday.

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Date:2010-02-09 02:54
Subject:Nuance, you get my love! (D:NS 10 std)
Mood: amused

I have always been a fan of (Nuance) Dragon NaturallySpeaking however have rarely had the opportunity to play with it. After recently purchasing a copy for my uncle I decided to purchase a copy for myself as well. Out of curiosity I figured I would try one of the less common though more popular tongue twisting words: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Astoundingly, not only was it recognized on the first try, but it was even spelled correctly!

I discovered that my speech has some quirks in how I terminate sentences, more specifically when fricative or hard consonant sounds are in the trailing portion of the last syllable in the sentence. This presents a problem when training because I can occasionally end up in a position where I cannot complete the sentence being trained and move on to the next sentence.

For those who are looking to purchase a copy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking I would encourage you to look about their website to find the 50 dollar promotion for their 10.0 Standard Edition product which will save you anywhere between 50 and 150 dollars off of what you will see quoted elsewhere.

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Date:2010-02-07 06:24
Subject:Gun-Range Field Trip for StuporBowl Sunday?
Mood: geeky

I have a hankering for expending some +P brass, today seems an opportune time to do so.

Anyone interested in joining me at Reed's on Duane in Santa Clara CA?

Bueller? ... BUELLER? ...

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Date:2010-02-04 23:47
Subject:Wow, you don't meth much, do you?
Mood: amused

Yesterday in the local supermarket I saw a mother/son pair... mother obviously in late stage smoking-induced COPD with nasal O2 cannula firmly installed, son sporting the all too obvious "crank eyes", nasty sweat-pants, ratty t-shirt, and squirming like he was jonesing right out of his skin.

Mom to Cashier: "I am buying it for my son, he's of age but forgot his I.D.."

Not sure what "it" was, but probably some EtOH to quell the formicaria.

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Date:2010-01-28 13:21
Subject:Vaccine-Resistant Kennel Cough @ FC 2010 FYI



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Date:2010-01-20 00:52
Subject:Going to FC'10
Mood: hopeful

Yep, I'll be at FC 2010. I haven't decided about staying onsite, though history says I will want to. I live locally, but still...

Ping me if you need contact info, I will try and keep my phone connected to IM services at-con, but other avenues never hurt.


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Date:2009-11-09 10:53
Subject:If People Switched Places: The Consequences (Part I)
Mood: dorky

If People Switched Places: The Consequences .... Glenn Gould would have had to learn to play the piano with both feet and his nose.

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Date:2009-06-06 23:04
Subject:That movie, "UP": Go See It!
Mood: satisfied

demonhusky, Zach, and I went to go see the Disney/Pixar movie "UP" this evening. I'd rate it somewhere above 8 out of 10, and there's enough nuance to it that I intend on going to see it again in 3D this time. :-)

Short form: Go See It!

Prior to that was a trip to Gallo's -- they've changed owners again, but the recipes have transferred. Delicious as always. :-)

Now, some Yalumba Winery (Angaston, South Australia) Museum Reserve black Muscat.

A book I've been looking forward to reading has arrived, but it'll have to wait until I've finished its predecessor.

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Date:2009-03-12 00:24
Subject:My Virgin Slide-Rule...
Mood: geeky

My Virgin Slide-Rule is a Frigid Bitch.

That's what I get for leaving her out in the cold.


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Date:2009-02-21 19:51
Subject:Goodnight, Furp.
Mood: depressed

Goodnight, Furp.

I'm going to miss you, Furp. We barely had a chance to say hi to eachother at FC, but you seemed to be quite happy at the time.



By Melissa Pinion Whitt
February 19, 2009 7:30 AM

A motorcyclist died along Highway 62 in Twentynine Palms on Wednesday night when a vehicle turned in front of him and he struck it while traveling 65 mph, coroner's officials said.

Patrick Reed [aka Fire_Pyro, Furp, evil_dwagon, [aged] 29, of Twentynine Palms was riding east on the 62 at Indian Cove Road at 5:52 p.m. [on February 18th] when he crashed. He was thrown from his bike and pronounced dead at the scene, San Bernardino County coroner's officials said.

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Date:2009-01-24 21:40
Subject:At FC until Monday
Mood: amused

Room 547

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Date:2009-01-02 11:10
Subject:Do you backpack or day-hike? (REI clearance stuff)
Mood: nostalgic

Lots of REI clearance stuff available...

High Sierra Long Trail 90 Pack - Special Buy (Item # 760601) $100 was $260

REI Grand Tour Travel Pack - Special Buy (Item # 768924) $70 was $185

REI Alpine 35 Plus Pack - Special Buy (Item # 768905) $50 was $100

REI Alpine 50 Plus Pack - Special Buy (Item # 768907) $50 was $100

JanSport Scout Pack - Special Buy (Item # 773364) $50 was $115

High Sierra Torrent Hydration Pack - 70 oz. - Special Buy (Item # 770460) $40 was $90

GSI 2-Person Thrive Set - '08 Closeout (Item # 781957) $30 was $60

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Date:2009-01-01 00:15
Subject:G'bye 2008
Mood: thoughtful

G'bye 2008

Hello 2009.

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Date:2008-12-28 23:53
Subject:Weekend summary: Errands, Waffles, Underwear, Knives, and Eyeballs, oh my!
Mood: cheerful

Mmm. Nothing quite says <3 <3 <3 like some hawt new underwear, and sharp new knives.

Added to my sharp shinies collection:

Kershaw -- Model 1900 -- G & G Hawk designed "E.T." (Apr. '08)

Böker Plus -- Item no. 01BO583 -- Rescom Black

As a general rule, I'm not partial to the feel of G10 and similar fiber-reinforced plastics for tactical knives, but I'll make exceptions. :-)


Added to my underwear collection:

Shyah, right. Maybe elsewhere. ;-d


Waffles were Egg Nog ("Wog Nogg?") Belgian style squares, complete with a violation of Mrs. Butterworth and some Lunardi's supplied applewood smoked thick-cut bacon. Props to the folks putting on the spread!


Eyeballs were status-quo, just a recheck.


I watched "War, Inc." last night. Veeeeery strange but engaging and amusing movie.

I also watched "Velvet Goldmine" last night. Deliciously luscious take on the glam-rock scene, worth trying to hunt down the soundtrack.


"WALL-E" followed this evening. The co-opting of Johnny-5's eyes was distracting, otherwise a solid meta-sci-fi-spoof movie, just as the folks at Pixar intended it.


Generally I'm feeling a bit more centered, lots of time talking to various folks who knew Kyle over the last few weeks has been helping.

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Date:2008-11-28 11:34
Subject:Porsche CGT ---- Yum!
Mood: enthralled

We passed a Porsche CGT on I-280 today... matte-finish black, with "PET SHRK" as the license plate.

All kinds of tasty!

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Date:2008-11-15 22:37
Subject:On FACS and Processing Social Cues
Mood: dorky

I posit that FACS training would significantly improve the ability for those with Autism-related (and Asperger's-related, and heavy ADD/ADHD-related) deficits in recognizing social cues to respond "appropriately" and fit-in.

Note here, I didn't say _feel_. I'm speaking only of the ability to fit in by breaking-down what would (by DSM-IVtr standards) normally be considered a "visceral" reaction into rote behavior which can be described and learned.

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Date:2008-11-09 02:39
Subject:Upside down car....
Mood: surprised

~2AM, upside down car with lights still on in the gully off the shoulder of 101 Southbound at Hwy 84 Eastbound.

Multiple people standing around, discussing _LACK OF OCCUPANTS_.

Apparently the occupants _FLED THE SCENE_ after flipping the car.

Buh? :-)

In related news I got to see how well I handle braking and accelerating in slick/muddy conditions on a motorcycle without ABS, traction control, etc... (answer: quite well).

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Date:2008-10-01 01:15
Subject:Tastes like Countertops
Mood: disappointed

Melamine is the same tasty chemical used to make kitchen countertops, mixing bowls, as well as lethally toxic dog- and baby- food.



September 26, 2008

QFCO, Inc.
1611 Adrian Road
Burlingame, CA 94010

QFCO, Inc. recalls White Rabbit Candy because of possible health risk.

QFCO, Inc. of Burlingame, California is recalling White Rabbit Candy because it
may be contaminated with melamine.

Product was distributed to the states of CA, GA, HI, IL, MN, NY, OR, TX, WA
through wholesale distributors to retail stores.

The White Rabbit Creamy Candy is sold in 8 or 16 oz packages. All other flavors
of White Rabbit Candy, including Assorted (Chocolate, Coconut, and Coffee),
Red Bean, Coffee, Corn, Lychee, Mango and Strawberry are sold in 7 oz.
packages. All packaging has a logo of a white rabbit on the front with the words
“White Rabbit”.

No illnesses associated with this product have been reported to date.

The recall was initiated after it was discovered that product was contaminated
with Melamine.

Consumers who have purchased White Rabbit Candy are urged to return it to the
place of purchase for a full refund or discard it in their trash. Consumers with
questions may contact the company at (650) 697-6633.

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Date:2008-09-30 15:04
Subject:My misquote

> Ignore the fact that the "retail" cost for e85 was 3.99,
> and the "retail" cost for unleaded was up in the high
> 4.xx range.

Whups, my memory was off:

Sept 11th, 2008 ... "Rebel" fuel station near the Las Vegas 'strip:

e85 Corn-Ethanol 2.999 / gal (around 16.5% cheaper than u87)

u87 Dino-Unleaded 3.599 / gal

d#2 Diesel #2 3.959 / gal

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