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4 March 1975
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I hate writing biographical summaries. Read. Ask. I might surprise you.
1984, 2(x)ist, a clockwork orange, adultswim, amateur radio, ambulances, anthropomorphics, back roads, backpacking, bdsm, bi boys, big trucks, big v8s, bisexual mindset, bitter lemon, blowjobs, bmw motorcycles, body piercing, bodyart, bombay sapphire, bondage, bondage pants, boxer briefs, boxer motors, boxer-briefs, boxers, brass monkeys, briefs, bunker pants, c-in2, california, collars, computers, consensual breath control, cooking, crack chicken (cluck u), d.i.mb.a.!, diesel trucks, dogs, dominance and submission, e2u, emergency medicine, exhibitionism, fahrenheit 451, fire fighting, fire rescue, fire technology, fire trucks, firearms, firefans, firemen, fondling, foreign films, foreign languages, frangible ammunition, freeballing, freeze branding, full-time rving, furries, furry boyz, fursuits, further confusion, gas masks, gay boys, geekery, geeking, geocaching, gin & tonic, glock, glocks, good conversation, guns, gustatory excess, halligan tools, handguns, hendricks and cucumber, hiking, horses, industrial design, junipero, knives, leather, linux, long drives, martial arts, motorcycles, multilingual, music, networks, non-lethal force, nudity, oilheads, open minds, pde5i stigma fighters, people-watching, photography, piercings, pipe tobacco, posing nude, programming, puppy play, purple k, pushing your limits, r-bikes, r259, rampant nakedness, ray bradbury, revenge, riding motorcycles, rips, road trips, rope bondage, roses, rottweilers, run lola run, san francisco, san jose, sapphire & tonic, second life, self defense, sex, sfo, shall issue states, sharp shinies, sharp things, sjc, spandex, speedos, steganography, systems administration, tack rooms, tactical knives, tattoos, tawny port, technology, that fuzzy place you-know-where, the door-to-door religion whore, trauma medicine, travel, turtlecocks, under armour, underwear, unix, unix sysadmins, usar, virtualization, voyeurism, wine, xy magazine